Coastal Adventures

Let your  Coasteering Adventure start here with Boatshed Activity Centre

Promoting Safe Coasteering

What is Coasteering?

Coasteering is movement along the intertidal zone of a rocky coastline on foot or by swimming, without the aid of boats, surf boards or other craft. Coasteering allows a person to move in the “impact zone” between a body of water and the coast where waves, tides, wind, rocks, cliffs, gullies, and caves come all come together, Fun filled jumps and caves to be explored.

Open Group Coasteering

Join like minded otheres on an epic coasteering adventure along the Cornish coastline. Group sizes are small so no waiting around on rocks or in the water, allows us to explore more and have more fun!!!
Under 18's must be supervised by an adult!!!

Private Costeer

Make the experience a personal affair with your own private group,explore and really connect with the Cornish coastline. Great for families and groups looking to have a fun filled adventure!!!!
Under 18's must be supervised by an adult!!!

Mega Sup Coasteer

The best of both worlds on this totally epic adventure, Paddle the massive 22ft mega SUP together through cliff lines and gullies, then jump off and intot the world of coasteering around the coastline, No long walks to the start point just epic fun from the beach straight away.
Under 18's must be supervised by an adult!!!


Why Choose Boatshed Activity Centre?

With over 30 years knowledge of the Coastline around Praa Sands we truly know the best spots to go!!

Guides with years of Coasteering knowledge

New wetsuits and safety equipment all included

Small groups so no long waits in the water or on the rocks

Guaranteed fun and laughter!!!!

Everything we do is challenge by choice NO PRESSURE!!!!

Easy Parking right next to the center Sydney cove car Park.  Right next to the public toilets, Best car Park in Praa Sands!!! we can vouch for this!!!!

What You Get!

A truly memorable activity that will be remembered forever! Fun for one and all!!!!



To push yourself to new limits in a safe enviroment

Lots of laughter and fun

Time with your friends and family

Lasting memories